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How Old Are you Movie Review:

Rosshan Andrews tells a simple tale of how a woman, saddened by snubs, carves her own path to glory. This is not a sweeping beauty of a film, but powerful enough to demonstrate how much an actress like Manju Warrier has been missed over the years. There is a passion that comes from its makers and the lead actor that lends the film a lovely touch.

The narrative doesn’t claim anything exceptional. It’s about a middle-aged married woman named Nirupama who works as a UD clerk. Manju brings in a lazy drag to her strides, suggestive of the inescapable boredom that has entangled her. The frustration of submitting to a routine of tending to her family’s needs and office work comes out as harmless expression of rudeness, sometimes a contortion of lips at being reminded of reaching office on time or a scowling look at a junior who counsels her on promptness of duty.

Finally, Manju Warrier is back on screen. Her comeback movie How Old Are You got released on may 17 and is getting good reviews all over. The movie carries a message which says that age is not a barrier for fulfilling any of your cherished dreams. Nirupama Rajeev is an ordinary family woman, who leads a good life with her husband and only daughter.

She works a an UD clerk in collectorate. Things were going smooth in her life when Nirupama had to face some problems after her daughter raised a question to the President of India. This gives her media attention, but her performance at the key point makes her a fun making element across the state. The egoist government employee Nirupama gets to face a lot of trouble after this incident. She takes up a decision to build her dreams with the stones thrown at her is what How Old Are You all about.

One day she gets an invitation from the president of India for a meeting after her daughter impresses him during an interaction. Nirupama faints in front of the president and she breaks down over the humiliation that follows.

Bobby-Sanjay employ useful elements measurably from the mould of popular woman-oriented tales of glory. This doesn’t blot a narrative brilliantly put forth by Manju and Kunchako Boban who ensures a solid presence in the film while playing the role of her husband.

Even the slight share of cliches sync well with the narrative. A woman deeply wounded by the insults on her identity is made to rediscover her real self with the help of an old friend. The transformation is evocative with mild elements of a docu-fiction.

In between the script is studded with fine moments. The scene where Nirupama visits an old woman whom she would meet every day on her bus strikes a chord. Both of them don’t even know their names and when she comes to know that the woman is sick, Nirupama turns up at her house. The old woman thanks her for the time she spent for her and for reminding that she is not alone in this world.

Beyond a usual tale of bitterness followed by greatness, such small moments make this film a special watch. Manju has preserved her homely charm and knack of subtle humour. The transformation of her character from a depressed woman to a steady and sprightly lady is almost unnoticeable. How old are you leaves behind sharp notes at times, like a scene where Nirupama reminds her husband to expect only what is given to her.

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